Welcome to the Change Leadership Assessment for Managers. This is an exclusive, abridged version of the assessment for COMTO 2021 participants only.

Our research has identified the seven leadership capabilities required to effectively realize results from major business change. This assessment will provide valuable insights about how you rate on these seven capabilities. It will also allow you to see how you compare to your COMTO peers on the leader capabilities.

The assessment is designed to be taken by Managers (those who supervise people). However, to accommodate the many roles in the COMTO audience we are providing two options to complete the assessment:

If you are a People Manager (manage a team, department, or business unit) you should complete the items as a self-assessment of your own skills.

If you are NOT a People Manager (individual contributor) you can still take the assessment. Simply call to mind a single individual in your company who is representative of a typical manager in your company. This could be your current or past boss, or even a manager in another department. The important thing is that you know them well enough to rate them on very specific questions. * Please do not attempt to rate more than one individual at the same time (all managers in a department or all managers in the company). * Those scores tend to tack to the middle range and be very difficult to interpret.

Please decide now if you will answer as a People Manager (self) or Non-People Manager (a manager in your company you know well).